Impact of new revenge porn law

In a Press Association news piece, Clare McGlynn highlighted the limitations of the new revenge porn law.

“The new law on revenge pornography, therefore, will only have a limited impact. The real challenge is to try to change the culture in which women’s sexual autonomy is not respected and in which the distribution of private images – a fundamental breach of privacy – is condoned.”

The full story here.

For more information about Clare McGlynn’s research on Revenge Pornography see here

                                                       Research on Revenge Pornography >

Combat ‘Upskirting’ and ‘Downblousing’

In this blog post, Clare McGlynn calls for ‘A new law covering all forms of non-consensual distribution of private sexual images (referred to as ‘non-consensual pornography).’ She states that ‘a new law would help to ensure that the police and public are clear that these activities are harmful and unlawful and so that women (and men) can challenge those who perpetrate these harms.’

We Need A New Law to Combat ‘Upskirting’ and ‘Downblousing’ via Inherently Human.

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