GEM Co-Founder Dr Fiona Vera-Gray Comments in Guardian on Missed Connections between online porn and abuse

FVG Guardian 27 May 2016Responding to research by Demos suggesting that as many women and girls use terms ‘slut’ and ‘whore’ in tweets, Dr Fiona Vera-Gray said it was not surprising that young girls were using misogynistic language that had become normalised in society. “There is very little space where these representations of women are being challenged,” she said. “We know that young girls are being exposed to more and more pornography where these descriptions are used, and it makes sense to me that they are starting to believe that what it means to be a girl or woman is to be judged in this kind of way.”

Anonymity for Victims of Image-Based Sexual Abuse

GEM Anonymity Campaign BriefingThe Centre for Gender Equal Media (GEM) today launches a new campaign seeking automatic anonymity for all victim-survivors of image-based sexual abuse, including ‘revenge porn’. We are seeking to strengthen existing legislation by including pornographic photoshopping and secure support for all victims from specialist services. For further information, see our Campaign Briefing below and link here: GEM Anonymity Campaign Briefing ONLINE




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