New Irish Law Reform Commission Report on Harmful Communications and Digital Safety

Professor Clare McGlynn welcomes the thorough report by the Irish Law Reform Commission on ‘Harmful Communication and Digital Safety’. The report recommends the criminalisation of so-called ‘Revenge Pornography’. In particular, Clare welcomes the Commission’s decision to recommend  the protection of the privacy of victims in court proceedings.

The Commission cite Clare’s research on anonymity for victim-survivors as evidence that protecting privacy (1) may encourage the reporting of offences and (2) help protect the victim-survivors from further harm caused by so-called ‘revenge porn’.

Clare and the Centre for Gender Equal Media (GEM) have called for the automatic anonymity of victim-survivors of image-based sexual abuse (including ‘revenge porn’). Their briefing, which is cited by the Law Reform Commission, can be read here.

Read the Irish Law Reform Commission report here

Read the GEM briefing on Anonymity for Victim-Survivors of Image-Based Sexual Abuse here

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