Upskirting & Reform of Criminal Law

Upskirting – taking photos or videos up a woman’s skirt without her permission – is a form of image-based sexual abuse and should be criminalised. The current law in England & Wales does not fully cover this activity and this loophole must be urgently closed. I’m hopeful this may now happen, thanks to the campaigning work of Gina Martin who has spoken out about her experience of upskirting.

Gina has shared her experience on BBC Woman’s Hour, where I discussed the law, and you can listen to episode here:


I have argued, together with Erika Rackley, that upskirting should be viewed is a form of image-based sexual abuse – together with other forms of this abuse such as ‘revenge porn’, sexual extortion, sexualised photoshopping and the like. The civil and criminal law need to be reformed to respond to these growing forms of abuse and we have made detailed recommendations in our briefing document and academic work.

On the specific need for a new law covering #upskirting and #downblousing, you can also read my short blog with Erika Rackley on why the law urgently needs reform, and my blog with colleague Julia Downes written a couple of years ago.

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