Should Porn be on the School Curriculum?

The Big Questions with Nicky Campbell on BBC One, 5 March 2017

This is the question now being asked following the Government’s announcement that it is to make relationships and sex education compulsory in all English schools. And the answer should be an unequivocal yes.

The bottom line is that if we don’t include education about pornography in the school curriculum, young people will carry on using it as their source of information and understanding about sex and relationships.


I participated in a debate on this topic on the BBC One programme The Big Questions and I’ve blogged on the subject for the HuffPost.

‘All young people deserve to be educated on issues of sexual consent; to have the opportunity to discuss sex, sexual practices and relationships in an open and supportive environment. It is what young people, especially girls, are calling for. Indeed, they must be so educated if we are to begin to see a reduction in sexual harassment and violence.’