Image-Based Sexual Abuse

ImageBasedSexualAbuse McGlynnRackley Briefing-page-001My research with Erika Rackley has developed the term ‘image-based sexual abuse‘ to better descibe the range of forms of abuse involving the non-consensual creation and/or distribution of private, sexual images.

In an article in the Oxford Journal of Legal Studies (access the full research article), we examine the harms of image-based sexual abuse and set out the ways in which laws and policies need to be reformed.

We have further developed our ideas in another article which argues that all forms of image-based sexual abuse are part of a pattern of sexual violence, a form of sexual assault, and should be recognised as such. This article is published in the journal Feminist Legal Studies and is called: Beyond ‘Revenge Porn’: the continuum of image-based sexual abuse.

I’ve blogged with HuffPost on this theme, arguing that ‘Revenge Porn’ Is A Form Of Sexual Assault.

We have also prepared a short Research Briefing which summarises the main points.

You might also be intereted in our blog for Everyday Victim Blaming which explains our concept of image-based sexual abuse.

Video: Strengthening the Law on ‘Revenge Porn’ (July 2016)

pic_online videoIn this video produced by Durham Law School, Clare McGlynn discusses strengthening the law on ‘Revenge Porn’.

You can watch the video here.

BBC 2 Debates new Scots law on Image-Based Sexual Abuse

The BBC 2 current affairs programme Timeline discussed the Scots law and its possible impacts with Liz Ely of Zero Tolerance Scotland and myself on 30th April. The video below shows the highlights of this item.

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