img_5155Clare is an expert on the legal regulation of pornography, most recently collecting new FOI data on the policing of extreme pornography, together with Hannah Bows. She is also working on a project with Fiona Vera-Gray examining the content of mainstream porn websites, with two blogs outlining preliminary findings on voyeurism images and the ‘works of fiction’ that are the terms & conditions of porn companies relating to the permissible content on their platforms.

Clare actively engages in public discussion on these controversial topics, recently debating should porn be on the school curriculum and whether its ok to watch porn in public.

Clare’s research on extreme pornography (with Erika Rackley) justifies using the criminal law to prohibit extreme pornography on the basis of its cultural harm. Over the last few years, she has worked closely with MPs and MSPs, policy-makers, charities and campaign organisations to introduce new laws criminalising the possession of extreme pornography, particularly pornographic images of rape. She has participated in public and media debates, being quoted in The Guardian, the Observer, the Independent and on the BBC. Clare has discussed this research on the BBC’s Woman’s Hour and Law in Action.

On these webpages, you can find links to the academic reserach underpinning the changes in the law, details of the public campaigns, short blogs and press comments summarising this research and information on other lectures and presentations.

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