img_5155My current work on pornography regulation has two main elements.

Extreme pornography prosecutions: my research with Hannah Bows provides new FOI data on the policing of extreme pornography. Read more here.

How much sexual violence is in mainstream porn? I’ve also been working with Fiona Vera-Gray examining the content of mainstream porn websites, particularly looking at how much sexually violent material is available to the first time viewer. We’ve published two blogs with our preliminary findings: on voyeurism images and how porn company Terms & Conditions are ‘works of fiction’.

Criminalising extreme pornography: These two projects build on my long-standing research in this area with Erika Rackley that justifies using the criminal law to criminalise the possession of extreme pornography on the basis of its cultural harm. We have worked closely with MPs and MSPs, policy-makers, charities and campaign organisations to support the introduction of new laws criminalising the possession of extreme pornography, particularly pornographic images of rape. I’ve engaged in public debate to raise awareness, with my comments and recommendations being widely cited across the media debates, including being quoted in The Guardian, the Observer, the Independent and on the BBC. I’ve also participated in debates on BBC’s Woman’s Hour and Law in Action.

Should porn be on the school curriculum? I participated in a BBC TV debate on this topic, and set out my recommendations in this blog: should porn be on the school curriculum.

I’ve also blogged about how watching porn in public is a modern form of street harassment.


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