Pornography: Quick Reads

No woman in a public place is free from the risk of upskirting Huffington Post (November 2018, with Fiona Vera-Gray: in this short blog, we outline the preliminary findings from our research on the content of mainstream porn websites, particularly the widespread availability of non-consensual porn including upskirting images.

Porn website Terms & Conditions are Works of Fiction Huffington Post (June 2019) with Fiona Vera-Gray: we argue here that as government consults on what to do about online harms, our research is finding that significant amounts of porn on mainstream porn sites is in violation of their own terms and conditions.

This Research Briefing was created by Clare McGlynn and Erika Rackley (Kent University) and outlines Clare and Erika’s suggestions for amendments to the proposed law that they considered crucial to ensure the new law was effective.

This briefing justifies criminalising the possession of ‘extreme pornography’ because of the ‘cultural harm’ of this form of extreme pornography.


Free Speech Debate: The Cultural Harm of Rape Pornography (May 2015)

oxford_free speechClare McGlynn and Erika Rackley (The University of Birmingham) take part in an Oxford University sponsored ‘debate’. In this piece they discuss the meaning of ‘cultural harm’ and the need for a consent culture.

Read the full debate here.



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