Extreme Pornography: Quick Reads

Research Briefings provide a concise and easy to read introduction to Clare’s research.

This Research Briefing was created by Clare McGlynn and Erika Rackley (The University of Birmingham). This Research Briefing on criminalising rape pornography outlines Clare and Erika’s suggestions for amendments to the proposed law that they considered crucial to ensure the new law was effective.

This Research Briefing outlines how Clare and Erika argued that the law to criminalising possession of ‘extreme pornography’ should be justified because of the ‘cultural harm’ of the forms of extreme pornography.

More Research Breifings here.

Free Speech Debate: The Cultural Harm of Rape Pornography (May 2015)

oxford_free speechClare McGlynn and Erika Rackley (The University of Birmingham) take part in an Oxford University sponsored ‘debate’. In this piece they discuss the meaning of ‘cultural harm’ and the need for a consent culture.

Read the full debate here.



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