New FOI data on Policing Extreme Pornography

APPGimageApril2018Parliamentary discussion on pornography regulation with BBFC, Rape Crisis, Maria Miller MP and Sarah Champion MP.

How is the law on extreme pornography being policed? Who is being charged with extreme pornography offences? What is the most common type of pornography being prosecuted?

To find out the answers to these and many similar questions, my colleague Dr Hannah Bows and I made new Freedom of Information (FOI) requests to all police forces across England and Wales.

McGlynnBows JofCL Front PageOur results have now been published in the Journal of Criminal Law. The article is free to access and download. You can also read more about the study in the Huffington Post.

These are some of our findings:

What do we know of those who are accused of possessing extreme pornography?

  • gender of accused: In 97% of cases, the accused was male.
  • ethnicity of accused: in 71% of cases, the accused were white.
  • Age of defendants: Men across all ages are being charged with extreme pornography offences. This is not an offence being committed only by young people sharing ‘gross’ images, engaging in ‘sexual experimentation’ or having greater internet use.

What types of extreme pornography are recorded and charged?

  • Bestiality porn: Most recorded offences related to bestiality porn (85%).
  • Rape pornography: Only 1% related to rape porn offences.
  • Attrition: Overall, 71 per cent of recorded offences resulted in a charge.
  • Additional offences charged:
  • For cases where information on other offences was available, more than half involved another offence, of which most were other sexual offences.

APPG BowsMcGlynn FOI ExtPorn pg1 2 April 2018 FINAL_no links-1We produced a preliminary analysis of the data for the inquiry into pornography being held by the All Party Parliamentary Group on Sexual Violence. Our evidence submission is available here: APPG BowsMcGlynn FOI Evidence_

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