Restorative Justice and Sexual Violence in Scotland

As one of a series of dialogues on the role of restorative justice in Scotland, the Scottish Universities Insight Institute organised an event on 22 March 2017 focussing on: Challenging Sexual Violence: Is There a Role for Restorative Justice?

This was an important event examining the options to be considered to help give more victim-survivors a sense of justice. I spoke and shared my research on restorative justice and survivors’ perceptions on what constitutes justice. My presentation was followed by stimulating responses from Katy Mathieson of the Scottish Women’s Rights Centre, sharing some concerns over the use of restorative justice, and Dr Marie Keenan of University College Dublin on her extensive experience of both undertaking and researching restorative practices in these cases.

Shona Craven of the Scottish Centre for Criminal Justice research has written a helpful blog on the discussions during the evening. She writes: ‘“What is justice?” was perhaps the question at the heart of the discussion‘.

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