Restorative Justice and Sexual Violence

Where did this work begin?

Is Restorative Justice Possible in Cases of Sexual Violence?
Is Restorative Justice Possible in Cases of Sexual Violence?

I began this work with Nicole Westmarland in 2012 when we investigated the experiences of Lucy who is a survivor of child rape and other forms of sexual abuse. Lucy participated in a restorative justice conference and her positive experience, and the insights from the other professionals involved in the conference, suggests the possibility that restorative justice may provide some measure of justice for survivors of sexual violence. Lucy’s experiences changed my approach and has influenced my work ever since. You can read our research briefing which summarises Lucy’s experiences and our research findings (left), as well as reading the full research findings and academic article here.

Debating restorative justice: presentations and lectures

Over the last few years, I’ve given presentations on this research at many different conferences and workshops with survivors, voluntary sector workers and policy makers. Some of these presentations are available here.

Responding to Sexual Violence: is there a role for Restorative Justice?

On 22nd March 2017, I discussed this topic with Katy Mathieson from the Scottish Women’s Rights Centre and Dr Marie Keenan of UCD.

Influencing Policy Changes

Evidence before Select Committee on Wednesday 4th May 2016

select cmte 2As part of the Justice Select Committee’s inquiry into Restorative Justice, I gave evidence on using RJ in cases of domestic and sexual abuse. I was privileged to speak alongside Polly Neate of Women’s Aid and Diana Barren of SafeLives. You can watch the evidence session here from 1056am.

Evidence Submitted to UK Parliament’s Justice Select Committee

Together with my colleague Nicole Westmarland, I submitted evidence to the UK Parliament’s Justice Committee inquiry into Restorative Justice. Our evidence details the implications of our research into the use of restorative approaches in cases of domestic abuse and sexual violence and is available here and pdf: McGlynnWestmarland Restorative Justice Evidence Jan 2016 FINAL